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BRAD's Tip for The Month                           Tips for Good Design

This month I’d like to share some tips on what makes a good design to ensure you create your desired home.

Firstly, design your new home or renovation to suit the climate of your house as this is the most cost effective way to stay comfortable and will help you save in energy bills. Climate will have effect on what construction materials you should use, the design of the floor plan, and also how much glass, shading or insulation you may need.

Another tip is to make the most of natural lighting to get that airy indoor feel as well as save on electricity costs. Design living areas and rooms that are used most frequent to face the midday sun, to save on both heating and lighting costs. Also, using light coloured paints and finishes inside the house can also help create this atmosphere.

With current and future concern for the environment, many renovators are choosing to implement environmentally friendly products and designs to their homes. There are a great range of innovative products now available such as insulated wall panels made from recycled materials, as well as natural paints and even cement that is manufactured in a less energy intensive way; just to name a few. These products work the same as ordinary products and some are cost competitive, so I suggest looking into these options.

Although large glass-wall areas give that open living feel to homes, it’s a good tip to avoid using excessive amounts. Glass can create comfort and glare problems.  Also, Glass is the path of least resistance; meaning it lets out 10 times more heat in winter and lets in 100 times more heat in the summer. Use a moderate amount of glass and choose energy efficient glass for windows, skylights, glass doors etc.

As I said last week, it’s a great idea to discuss your dream home with a designer, but it’s also a good idea to go prepared, so I advise keeping these design tips in mind.