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BRAD's Tip for The Month

Bathroom and Laundry Renovating - Tips to save you money

This month I thought I would highlight some great tips when deigning and renovating your bathroom and laundry and look at a few areas to help you save.

Firstly, reuse what you can. There is no point in ripping out fixtures without first seeing if they can be reused. It is amazing how old fixtures can appear updated after other parts of the room are updated like freshly painted walls etc.

It is also a great idea is to check for leaks. A leaking toilet can waste up to 95000 litres of water a year, so it would be beneficial both for the environment and your wallet to attend to these needs first. Also look into water saving fixtures. They are both inexpensive and come in a great range so I would consider some of these options.

Choosing an efficient toilet is also a great option as it will save you money on water and energy usage in the long run. Four star model toilets will save you 15000 litres of water each year, and five star toilets come with the alternative of a sink over the cistern – a great option if the space is tight.

If you are going to replace your washing machine in your laundry, I suggest you opt for a 4.5 star front loader washer as these machines save 70 litres a wash compared to the average top loader machine.

When designing, it’s usually possible to get a great look for your bathroom and laundry without ripping the entire rooms out. Before making any drastic changes, first examine the tiles and walls. If a simple paint job could lift the room then I suggest starting there. Sticking to light neutral colours is always great in the bathroom and laundry as the style can be easily changed with décor and is much more cost effective. When designing, consider ventilation like an opening window rather then using an exhaust fan, this could save you a lot in energy costs.

So when designing your bathroom and laundry consider a few of these tips to save you money in energy and water and enable flexibility for updates in design.