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BRAD's Tip for The Month

Why Insulation is Important

Now that winter has truly set in for the year, I bet it gets us all thinking about our heating costs – whether you have electric or gas heaters or fire places; all heating will require some economic output. But with appropriate insulation, both these cosndour carbon footprint can be significantly reduced. So this month I would like to discuss the importance of insulation.

Why is insulation Important? Insulation prevents airs natural movements from warm to colder areas. By preventing this movement, homeowners can significantly reduce their heating and cooling bills by 10 to 50 percent. This won’t only improve the comfort of your home, but will also reduce your energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Insulation can also help make your home soundproof which is ideal for homes located next to busy roads and intersections.

There is a large range of insulation products available in Australia and I recommend you seek professional advice before installing. There are two main types of insulation; Bulk Insulation and Reflective Insulation. Bulk Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow between your home and the outside. This allows you to block the heat in summer, and maintain the warmth in winter. If your house is cool majority of the time, then I would suggest this product. Reflective Insulation is generally used to deflect heat and keep your home cool in the summer – therefore this product is more appropriate for homes which receive a lot of sun.

For best results, you should insulate your roof and ceilings, walls, floors and water pipes. Without correctly insulating your home, you could lose up to 45 percent of energy via the roof, 20 percent through the walls and 5 percent through your floors. This is why I highly recommend seeking professional advice before installing any insulation.

So to save some money and reduce your carbon footprint, I would highly recommend looking into quality insulation for your homes.