10 ways to stay cool this summer


Summer is here and as we experience high temperatures across the country, we’d like to share with you some tips for keeping your home cool.


1. If the air is cooler outside, turn the air conditioning off and open the windows.


2. Close your blinds to prevent heat from pouring in on the really hot days.


3. Choose light coloured blinds and furnishings to create a sense of space and to keep your home cool.


4. Light bulbs generate heat. If you don’t need a light, turn it off.


5. If you’re not using a particular room in your home, turn the air conditioning off in that room. More cool air will then be available to fill the rest of the house.


6. Unplug or switch off your TV and other electronics that aren’t being used. When left on these items generate heat.


7. Ceiling fans can be used inside in the home or outside, to cool your outdoor entertaining area.


8. Whirly birds will offer you the combined benefits of moving air, like a ceiling fan, and the pulling of cooler air from the outside.


9. Polished concrete floors are a great way to stay cool in summer and warm during winter.


10. Incorporate stone into the design of your home for a contemporary look that won’t date.


How will you keep your home cool this summer? Which one of these tips will you be trying?


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