5 easy steps to a sparkling summer ready pool


It’s been a long and cold winter, and I cannot wait for that first summer's day that’s hot enough to jump in the pool. That day is thankfully fast approaching, so it's time to get the pool swim ready.

Here are five simple steps to prepare your pool for a summer of swimming.


Get out from under the covers

Sensibly, many of us cover our pools over winter to keep as much debris out of the pool and filter as we can. If you use a solid cover, before you move it, take the time to drain off any water ensuring that it doesn’t run off into the pool. Look after your cover by giving it a good sweep and clean. BioGaurd Stow Away is a great option for any tough stains. Once the cover is clean, store it in a dry place that’s free of debris and protected from sun and weather damage.


Fill it up!

Seems obvious, but makes sure you fill your pool to the middle of the skimmer opening so that the water can properly circulate. This is crucial to keeping the pool clean.


Look after your filtration system

Once the pool is full, check the pump, skimmer basket and filter. The filter is critical to the upkeep of your pool. If it's not working, the products you add will not be able to perform their job either. Make sure all your equipment is clean and in working order. Start the circulation system and remove debris from the pool.


Try before you dive

After you've cleaned and added your products, be sure to have the water tested to make sure it's safe for swimming. Before you take a sample, circulate the water for 24 to 48 hours after you've cleaned and started your filtration system. This ensures you will get the most accurate reading of water quality. To take a sample, use a clean plastic container and scoop about a litre of water from an elbow length beneath the surface. Then head to your local pool shop with the water sample for testing, and make adjustments to your filtration as required.


Check your pool fence

Lastly ensure all pool fencing is in good, safe working order. Remember, this is not optional. Here in Australia, there are legal fencing requirements. It's an important step for peace of mind.

The great thing about pool maintenance is that if you take these steps before and after each swimming season, your pool will be in tip top condition throughout the summer. 

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