7 benefits of using Hebel

There are so many types of building materials on the market that you can use to build a new home. One of our favourite products is Hebel.


Hebel offers many benefits to builders and homeowners.


1. Hebel offers a clean palette that will help create the exterior look you want to achieve. For example a smooth render look or a contemporary textured finish.

2. Installing one Hebel panel is equivalent to laying approximately 75 bricks. This is a very cost effective option that reduces labour costs and wastage.


3. Hebel panels are easy to work with and can be cut on-site using standard tools.


4. Compared to other masonry products, Hebel panels have superior insulation qualities. They have better thermal resistance and mass and area a smart choice for meeting Australia’s rigid building regulations.


5. Environmental testing has proven Hebel has a 30 percent lower environmental impact than concrete of brick veneer. Hebel uses over 60 percent less embodied energy, and producing at least 55 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than concrete or brick veneer.


6. Hebel’s unique building material significantly reduces sound transmission between rooms and from the outside.


7. Living in Australia, we’re susceptible to bush fires. Hebel is renowned for its fire resistance qualities. Hebel’s block and panel system exceed the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level categories, as it is a non-combustible product.


If you’re building a new home, consider using Hebel. To learn more visit their website HERE.


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