7 tips for staying warm and saving money this winter

Like it or not, winter is fast approaching and it’s getting cold so here are some tips and tricks that will keep you warm and allow you to save money at the same time.


1. Lowering the temperature on your air conditioner by a few degrees can amount to a considerable saving. If your home heating is vented at floor level, be sure you don’t block the vents with rugs, furniture or other items. The air must be able to circulate freely around the room.



2. Check and clean filters regularly. A dirty filter can make your heating system work a lot harder.


3. Seal gaps and cracks around your doors and windows to prevent cold air from getting in and warm air escaping. Insulate your windows with window coverings and insulate external doors with a door seal.


4. Reverse your ceiling fans and have them run at low speed. This helps circulate the warm air trapped near the ceiling around the room.


5. If it’s safe to do so open your oven door while it’s cooling down. There’s no point wasting the heat generated inside. This comes with a safety warning; please ensure there are no children or animals at home if and when you do this.


6. Now is a good time to trim back those branches that provided shade to your house in summer. Try and let as much sun through as possible.


7. Dress for the season. By adding a layer of clothing, you may not need to create more heat at home.


With many heating options available, it can be confusing. Seek professional advice so you don’t waste money buying heating devices that aren’t suitable for your home. If you under estimate your needs, you may end up paying for more in energy bills due to the fact that your heating device will be working overtime.


By simply following those few easy tips, you will save heat and money.


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