Backyard trends for this season


Spring Summer sees two emerging trends in backyard pools; shrinking yards and statement pools


Shrinking yards


The bent toward shrinking backyards and expanding houses continues. In the 1950s and 60s most homes lavished block sizes of over 1000m2: today the rise of developments designed to aid affordability has seen block sizes shrink – some well below 400m2.


Whilst many Australians are happy to compromise on their yard size, far more are resistant to forgo the dream of a backyard pool.


With iconic Australian pool brand, Narellan Pools, small yards are covered with their popular Eden Pool range.


The range features four sophisticated plunge pools ranging from 3.5m to 5.5m in length and 3.5m in width – perfect for small backyards. For even the narrowest of yards, Narellan Pools has introduced a Slimline plunge, measuring 2.1m x 5m.


A plunge pool is easy to maintain and much cheaper to run than larger pools. The smaller service area means less water evaporation, so you’re not only saving on precious water, you’re using less power to heat the water. Kinder to both your wallet and the planet – it’s a win-win situation.


And what about those who actually want to use their pool to, well, swim?


This season Narellan Pools has released a stunning new lap pool; this innovation led by consumer demand. Designed with a single depth throughout and clear swim channels for continuous tumble turn swimming, the Narellan Pools Panama Lap Pool is perfect for lap swimming; ensuring you can get your daily exercise without leaving home. 


Panama pool

Panama Lap Pool


Available in lengths of 8.3m and 11.3m, the child safety ledge around the perimeter and non-slip surfaces also make the Narellan Pools Panama Lap Pool great for teaching kids to swim.


Statement Pools

The statement pool is both lustrous and eye-catching, drawing attention for its size and beauty. 

This trend toward big, bold and beautiful pools has emerged as increasing numbers of homeowners see outdoor living as the centre point of the home, and it skewed toward those with more generous yards.

When it comes to statement pools, bold should not be mistaken for ostentatious. The simple, classic design of the new Grandeur Pool, for example, appeals to even the most discerning eye. 


Revered for its grand elegant staircase, the large entry steps offer a comfortable space for a quiet pause plus a safe zone for children to play. The sheer size of the pool – which ranges from 7.3m to 11.3m in length – often makes the pool visible from a number of vantage points within the home, forming a spectacular backdrop for a sophisticated interior design scheme.


The pinnacle of style and distinction, the Grandeur Pool will blend comfortably with a modern or traditional home.


By adding a spa, or Narellan’s popular wading pool, the Harmony Pool, many families are moving beyond a standalone pool; opting to transform their yards into a space for relaxation and fun for the whole family, regardless of age. With Australian’s temperate climate and feature such as water heating available, it’s not uncommon for areas like this to enjoy all year round.

The Narellan Pools are available as Mineral Water Pools or Salt Water Pools in a range of sizes to cater to all backyard designs.


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