Five tips for building a wine cellar

cellarWith winter on its way and there is nothing quite like a cosy fire, hot meal and a nice glass of wine.


For the wine enthusiast, having your own cellar is a must. Building one isn’t challenging or expensive however there are a few points you need to consider when designing your own.


Location - Today many people are incorporating wine cellars into the design of their homes. The cellars usually have a glass door or wall so the wine is visible from the outside. If you can’t design your own, look for a location that has minimal use for example under the stairs, in the laundry, under the house or some other type of cubbyhole. The third option is to buy a freestanding wine cellar. These come in a variety of sizes and are readily available.


Temperature – This is certainly the greatest concern when cellaring wine. The ideal temperature for wine is 10 to 13 degrees however several degrees either side is quite safe. Be sure your cellar is well insulated. You can even install a high-grade air-conditioner to keep the room properly chilled.


Humidity – Humidity can destroy wine labels due to mould. Installing an air-conditioning unit can help eliminate this problem.


Light and Vibration – Darkness is ideal for a cellar as ultraviolet light can destroy wine and this is one of the reasons why wines are traditionally bottled in coloured glass. With this in mind it makes sense to store wine away from the potentially damaging effects of exposure. Like all of us, wine needs to sleep and frequent disturbance will agitate it. Keeping wine away from any vibrations is also important.

So if wine is your passion and you're looking at starting a collection, installing a wine cellar is not only functional but also fun too.


Do you have a wine cellar at home?

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