How you can enjoy outdoor living at anytime of the day

With the right outdoor lighting you can enjoy outdoor living at any time of the day.

Outdoor lighting serves a purpose, it’s practical and important for security and safety, however it doesn’t end there. The right lighting can be stylish and make a big difference to how you use your space. It has the ability to completely transform an outdoor area from day to night.

There are a variety of lights you can use to bring your outdoor living space to life.

With fairy lights, you can up light trees along a winding driveway, illuminate a feature tree in the middle of your lawn, or define changes of level in steps.


Another great way to add style is to include lights into water features to create movement and ambience.

Rechargeable lights are affordable and decorative. Some look like glowing candles and are just as beautiful on an outdoor dining table or scattered around the courtyard.

If you enjoy alfresco dining and cooking, then I suggest including an outdoor wall with garden lights. If you’re looking for more practical lighting along pathways and stairs then try solar lighting.

If improving security is your number one priority, then look no further than flood lights and attach them to motion sensors. These lights are attached to the roofline and will illuminate wide areas. Even from a functional view, these lights are great to have over the washing line or pathways to create maximum visibility and not stop you from enjoying your outdoor living space when the sun goes down.

Thanks to LED lighting, solar lights and rechargeable battery lights, outdoor lighting is more environmentally friendly and feasible than ever.

Whatever option you’re considering, I recommend seeking advice from a professional designer. They’ll help you select the right types of lights for your space at home.


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