Keep your outdoor living area warm in winter

The best living spaces flow seamlessly from the inside out and can be enjoyed all year round. If you’re planning an outdoor living space it’s important to make sure the space can be enjoyed in winter.


When you’re planning, consider enclosing two or three sides of your space. This is great for privacy. It will also keep the heat in and stop those cold breezes during the colder months, making your outdoor living space more enjoyable. By enclosing part of the space you’ll protect your furniture and furnishings from the elements.


A fireplace is a fantastic addition; it will keep you warm and create a beautiful ambience in the home. If a fireplace isn’t an option for you, consider an electric flat panel heater. Electric flat panel heaters don’t take up any floor space and they’ll warm your space instantly.  This type of heating can be expensive to run so I suggest using them only when you’re entertaining.


The right type of plants can provide you with shelter from harsh winds, and help direct a cool breeze into your home during summer. If you’re looking to create shade, use evergreen plants, particularly on west-facing walls. Deciduous plants and vine covered pergolas on the north side of your home are also a great option because they’ll provide shade in summer and let the winter sun in when it cools down.


There are lots design strategies you can adopt to create the perfect outdoor living space that you can enjoy all year round. They key is to spend time planning before you get started.


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