Maximise your kitchen design with these 4 tips

kitchenThe kitchen is the focal point of every house and it’s usually filled with lots of activity from meal preparation to, dining or sharing a coffee with friends and family. A lot of things happen in a kitchen, which is why it’s important to have a space that’s both functional and beautiful at the same time.


Check out these 4 tips for getting the most out of your kitchen.


1. Keep the kitchen triangle clear

The triangle is used in reference to the sink, stove and refrigerator. This is the area where the most activity will be in your kitchen. The sink should be the most central point of the triangle because this will be the busiest space. If plumbing is a problem and is disrupting the flow of the triangle consider hiring a plumber to relocate the drains and plumbing to best accommodate the sink.


2. Maximise your storage space

Kitchens generally contain a lot of stuff and lots of items that are often oddly shaped or that need a lot of space. This can be a challenge when you’re trying to create enough storage. If your kitchen is small, consider installing extra-long upper cabinets with molding for extra space, and always install cabinets over the refrigerator. Place lighting along the molding, this will draw the eyes upwards and helps to create a sense of space and your kitchen will look and feel less cluttered.


3. Make sure you have enough counter-top work space

One of the biggest mistakes I often see is a lack of countertop space. When you’re planning your kitchen, think about all of the activities that require a counter-top, and don’t forget to consider the appliances that you want to keep permanently on your counter top.


4. Is there enough lighting in the kitchen?

The kitchen is one room where you can’t afford to have poor lighting. Not just for design and atmosphere purposes, but it’s also a necessity for safety matters. When planning, evaluate the areas that will generate the most activity and need the best lighting. So when you’re planning your kitchen, think carefully and take time to consider both the atmosphere and practical elements to ensure your kitchen is both functional and beautiful.


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