One building material everyone should be using

For its aesthetic appeal, environmental sustainability and ease of use, you can’t go past timber cladding. It’s strong, lightweight, easy to install and can greatly increase the resale value of your home. It’s one building material that should be on your list.


We love the flexibility in terms of the design and this is one of the biggest advantages of timber cladding. It’s so versatile and looks great on the exterior of a home and also works well combined with other natural materials. You can use it to create a feature wall that creates a contemporary focal point for your home.


Timber cladding comes in many different materials and forms. It’s suitable for all types of homes and the product you choose will depend on the design of your home. Don’t worry there are lots of options available.


Incorporating natural products into your building projects has many benefits, for you as well as the environment. Timber is a natural insulation material and by using cladding you’ll reduce the need for bulky masonry foundation walls.  You can combine timber cladding with other types of insulation to improve energy efficiency. And, for a more peaceful home, timber cladding is a great option because of its good sound absorption qualities.


One company we highly recommend for this type of product is our partner, Weathertex.


Weathertex is Australian made and owned and has a better than zero carbon footprint. All their products are 100 percent natural (90 percent natural timber and 3 percent natural wax) and there are no chemical additives.


For more information about exterior wall cladding and timber weatherboards get in touch with the team at Weathertex.


Having you used timber cladding before? We’d love to hear your thoughts?

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