Pick the perfect handrail for your stairs


The right handrail should be a natural extension of your stair design, ensuring the safety of your family and friends, and blending with your aesthetic vision. You have a huge choice when it comes to style and materials, and to make that a bit easier, here's our guide to picking the right handrail.


Firstly, there are two types of handrail systems to consider – post-to-post handrails and over the post handrails.


If your design includes a staircase that twists and turns, a post to post handrail is the one for you. In this structure, the handrail is broken into sections between taller posts, enabling you to navigate corners or tight spaces.


Over the post handrails is a single rail, running in length from top to bottom of your staircase. This kind of handrail will work for you if you have a straight-line staircase.


Selecting your material is the next step. To make things simpler I've outlined some of the most common:


1. Metal is great for a durable and low maintenance handrail. Metal handrails are generally made from pipes in either round or square shape, and can be a bold statement or subtly compliment the lines of your staircase.

2. After a more ornate look? Then wrought iron might be the material for you. You can shop around for a more or less decorative handrail in this material, to suit your space, but do be aware that wrought iron is considered a specialty material and can be expensive.

3. Wooden handrails are popular because wood is an easily adapted material and can suit both traditional and contemporary styled homes. The cost of these handrails will depend on the type of wood you choose, so this product can suit almost any budget.

4. If you are after modern living design, then take a look at glass handrails. Glass handrails are very new to the industry, so it's still fresh and unique. But bear in mind this product will be high maintenance.


With these practical tips, do some research to establish how much you would like to spend, what materials suit your overall home design and safety needs, and enjoy the added dimension a well executed handrail can bring to your home.


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