Render makeover

Want a new look for your home that’s no fuss, easy to clean and will create real appeal?


Cement render is a quick, easy and affordable way to renovate an old home and a great way to save money if you’re building a new one.


You can achieve a sleek and contemporary look relatively quickly and increase the market value of your home at the same time.


Cement rendering is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to an external wall. It’s generally used on exterior walls however it can be used internally as well.


Once the render is complete, you then paint over the top with a special external concrete paint. We recommend painting the render rather than adding coloured oxides as they’re not UV resistant and can fade quickly and also keep in mind that if you’re rendering with large quantities it can be challenging to achieve the exact colour you need.


Render can be applied to brick columns in fencing, brick retaining walls and garden edges to give your home and outdoor areas a unified look and feel.


Acrylic render is another option that is incredibly popular at the moment. It’s stronger and more flexible than cement render which means it’s less likely to crack. If you experience cracks or natural building expansion the acrylic render will expand as well so you’re not left with unsightly cracks.


Drying time is fast and the colour is already in the render so you won’t need to worry about painting over the render afterwards.


You can achieve incredible results with acrylic render like in this photo.


Don’t forget, if you’re contracting a professional renderer, make sure they’re fully qualified and licensed. You want to have the reassurance that their work is guaranteed. Don’t forget to also ask to see examples of their work


So if you’re planning to renovate or build a home, give rendering a thought.


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