Speak to the experts when it comes to designing your dream home

Anyone who has gone through the process of buying a home understands that most houses won’t completely meet your current needs or those in the future. As a result comprises are made to suit the existing space.


If you’re designing your own home the result can be quite different because you can create the type of space that fits your needs perfectly. We spend most of our time at home so why not make it personal.


When designing a new home people often get confused as to whether they should speak to an Architect, Building Designer or a Draftsperson.


Architect vs. Building Designer vs. Draftsperson


Architects design and build structures to suit your needs, not only aesthetically, but they will also ensure the structure is safe, functional and economical. They have consistent involvement from the start to finish of a project and have a strong presence during the construction phase. Their creative design, technical knowledge, education and level of experience with the build environment will often see their fees as being more expensive than a draftsperson.


A Building Designer sits in between an Architect and Draftsperson. A Building Designer will provide a similar standard of work to an Architect but generally at a more reasonable price. Being educated in both design and construction, a Building Designer can be a great choice if you want something different without the price tag.  


A Draftsperson and Architect perform similar work and at times they collaborate, however drafting covers a broader field and can be applied to areas outside of construction. A Draftsperson’s drawings include technical details and specifications such as materials, dimensions and procedures. Their type of work depends on their level of expertise. This may be in areas of residential or commercial construction, or can be dependent on a type of material for example steel, timber or reinforced concrete.


There are significant differences between all three so it’s important to do some research, seek professional advice and obtain quotes.


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