Top 10 tips for a successful home renovation

Renovating your home is a complex process and there are a lot of things to consider to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Following are our top 10 tips for a successful home renovation.



Before you start your home renovation stop and think about what you're hoping to achieve. Are you looking for open plan living, more entertaining space or additional bedrooms for your growing family? Understanding your purpose will help you stay on track to achieving the best result.



Building Designer

Speak to a few building designers before you make a decision. Choose someone who you can talk to openly about your ideas. Work with someone who can integrate your ideas with theirs to create your perfect family home.


Style and design

Once you've made the decision to renovate, starting looking through home and lifestyle magazines to find the styles and designs you'd like to incorporate into your design. This will help your building designer and builder better understand what you like and most importantly what you don't like.



Consider the timing of your renovation. Will you need to move out while the renovation is being completed? If so, where will you go? This is an important question to consider before construction starts.



Research the cost of everything needed to complete your project right down to toilets, taps, and furnishings. Consider everything, because this is where your budget can blow out if you don’t factor everything in at the start.


Money talk

Talk to your building designer about your budget so they create a design that meets your needs and is realistic in terms of your budget.



Talk to a few builders before you jump in. Have a look at their portfolios before you sign a contract. Look at their previous jobs and see if they've completed renovations similar to what you're hoping to achieve.


Legal advice

Get your contract looked at by a lawyer to ensure everything has been factored in. If not, look at what additional costs you may have to consider.


3D plans

Get your plans put into a 3D design so you get a feel for what your new home will look like and be like to live in.



Ensure engineering is done prior to signing the final contract, otherwise, this could cost you more money in the long run if you have to update or change designs.


Before you start renovating have a look at these 10 tips and seek professional advice.


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