One man's trash is another man's treasure

greenThe environment should be a big consideration when you’re building or renovating your home and using recycled materials is just one way you can reduce your environmental impact.


When you start the design process think about what you really need.

Remember larger homes will cost more and use more resources however with clever design and planning you can make better use of the space you have and reduce the need to add on extra rooms and use lots of materials.


Re-using materials from your existing structure or buying recycled building materials can allow you to significantly reduce your impact on the environment. These materials are often cheaper, leaving more money in your pocket.


If your project involves demolishing the original structure, consider deconstruction rather than destruction. Reuse the timber, doors, and window frames rather than buying new ones. Many people admire reclaimed wood because it offers a unique combination of uncompromised durability and antique beauty.


A big part of building green is ensuring that you use resources wisely.

Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by using solar and geothermal energy. The supply of these energies is virtually unlimited and plays a big part in protecting and preserving our environment.


Building green doesn’t stop here. Think about your appliances.

Use water-saving dishwashers, toilets and washing machines to also reduce your water consumption.


These innovative products may seem more costly in the short term, however they will significantly reduce your environmental footprint and provide a big cost savings to you down the track.


So, before you start your project, stop to think about the future and consider innovative designs, materials and systems that will help protect and sustain our environment for future generations to come.


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