Two natural building materials that stand the test of time

Many homeowners are looking to incorporate natural building materials into the design of their home because they look great, don’t age and most importantly help to reduce environmental impact.

Two natural materials we love to use in our building projects are stone and timber. Both can be used in the most contemporary of homes to create a soft, intimate look and feel.

Stone creates a natural elegance that’s timeless. It has longevity, durability, natural thermal qualities and it’s sustainable. Stone can be easily cut to size and used in the interior or the exterior of your home to create a real WOW factor.


Timber is versatile and like stone, has many environmental benefits. It’s a renewable energy source, can be recycled and we love working with it because every piece is different which means your home will stand out and have unique appeal.

With their neutral tones, stone and timber can be used with bright colour schemes, or natural, earthy tones. This versatility also adds to their appeal.

Timber and stone work perfectly in outdoor entertaining areas because they can create a seamless transition from the outside in. Both products work beautifully together with landscaping and other natural surrounds to ensure your design doesn’t look out of place.

So before you build or renovate your home, consider using stone, timber or other natural materials because of their sustainability and endless benefits.

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