Please check the answers below, if none of them work for you please email support ( support@buildbits.com.au ) with your device type (e.g. iPhone, laptop, etc), service provider, browser type (e.g. Explorer, FireFox, Chrome), operating system and a brief description of the issue you are having and we will get back to ASAP.

• Trouble with App?

First do make sure that you have the latest version of the app for your phone. Also make sure that you are in a strong reception area, as when the app first starts up it downloads the latest list of categories for you.

• Having a problem getting validation email link?

First of all check your junk email if its not in your inbox. Do keep in mind that it may take up to 15 minutes until you receive it. If it does not arrive, you can send us a validation email instead. The link to do that is located in the registration section.

• Wondering why your sold item disappeared?

In order to keep the listings current and fresh we delete sold items after 30 days

• Wondering why your item isn't marked new anymore?

New items are only considered new for 3 days. This is to give suitable significance to really new listings.

• Wondering why the delete button disappeared?

You can only delete a new listing within 24 hours of it being entered. After that you have mark it as sold to then proceed to eventual deletion some days later.

• Having trouble signing in?

Remember you need to use your username to sign in and not your email address.

• Why are my photos not showing correctly?

We cache photos quite a bit to keep the site perfomance good. It could be that your photos have not yet hit the cache system. You can force a full refresh by pressing Control and R at the same time on most browsers. That should usually fix it for you, if not wait a minute and try again.

• How far does the search reach?

It will reach upto 250km's from the location you enter in the search form.

• Wondering why you cannot enter a website in a listing

We do not allow website URL's in a listing, the description should just be text.

• What is the Mobile Number per listing for?

This is to allow you to list an item for a friend and put in their mobile number for just that item.