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BRAD's Tip for The Month

Stay Cool this Summer

Well with all these unusually hot days, we can say that summer is well and truly here. But let’s not automatically switch on the air con, and instead, try to be a little more creative this summer and shrink those ever-rising electrical bills.

Opening your windows when the air is cooler outside is one way to stay cool. It seems obvious, but often people keep the air con blazing when it is not generally needed.

Turning ceiling fans on is another affordable way to keep cool this summer. While the fan won’t make the room cooler, it will definitely make it feel cooler by speeding sweat evaporation. 

Installing a whirly bird is an effective and affordable way of keeping the house cooler. Whirly birds will offer you the combined benefits of moving air, like a ceiling fan, and the pulling of cooler air from the outside. 

On hot summer days, close the blinds. This will help prevent heat pouring into your house and will save you having the air con running all day. 

If you are not using a particular room in your house, shut the air con vents off to that room. This way, you aren’t cooling wasted space and more cool air will be available to fill the rooms you are using. 

Turning off lights is a cost effective way to keeping the house cool. If you don’t need a light, turn it off. All light bulbs generate heat as a by-product of producing light. Also, unplug or switch off unused electronics. Not only are those electronics being costly, they are also converting some of that power into heat. 

So the next time the heat is getting to you, try implementing some of these ideas and save yourself some money and the environment too. Stay cool everyone and enjoy the rest of summer.